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So long as they speak your name you shall never die.

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About Katie

Some words just never go together; should never be said in the same sentence.  Katie Linz.  Rhabdomyosarcoma.  It seemed impossible: Katie Linz, varsity and select soccer goalie, starter on the St. Ursula basketball team.  Robust, beach-loving, grin-to-beat-the-band, rocker-chick sixteen year old.  Diagnosis: Rhabdo: The awful nickname for the soft-tissue cancer that would take her way.

If it were just up to Katie, she would have beaten this disease.  She battled from March, 1992, living her life fully, graduating from high school, starting college, through intense chemo, radiation, hair-loss, remission, Rhabdo returning, more chemo, bone marrow rescue, Rhabdo returning again, to the end on December 29, 1994.  Christmas would never be the same for the Linz family: Mom Cherie, Dad Tony, sisters Barb, Jennie and Maggie.  Nothing would ever be the same.


Life wouldn’t be the same without Katie but life would go on and so would the deadly Rhabdo.  Katie would be righteously ticked off and her family knew it.  Katie had written in her journal, “I’m going to do something after all this bull****,” (a normal teen was Katie), “to help find the cure for this.”  So Katie’s sisters and her parents, no shrinking violets, decided to do it for her.


In 2004, the first annual Katie Linz Foundation golf outing, auction, dinner (and fun-for-all!) was held.  The event was dubbed the Lizard King Classic in honor of Katie’s favorite line from a Jim Morrison quote, “I am the Lizard King.  I can do anything,” which has become the foundation’s rallying cry. The mission of the foundation is to eliminate pediatric cancer through research, education and advocacy.  Having fun while raising funds was Katie’s mission! 

One of the beneficiaries of the foundation is Timothy Cripe, M.D. with his associate, Dave Hildeman, PhD., of Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, whose mutual goal is to improve treatment and seek a cure for pediatric cancer.  The foundation has donated over $250,000 to further their goals.  Katie would be rocking!


The 12th annual Lizard King Classic Party was held at the Pelican's Reef Restaurant on Oct. 18th.  In 2016 we are hosting the Lizard King Who Dey Party on Oct. 16th.  Click the Lizard King Classic Link for more info.  If you would like to make a donation, please contact Barb Bibb (Katie’s sister) at or 513-233-3237.


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